Calcutta is My Mother | A Documentary

Last Fall I agreed to be the subject of a documentary in which my first return to Calcutta, India will be documented. My first return to the slum where my abandonment took place. My first glimpse into a culture that is sewn into the fiber of my being but to which I have no real connection. … Continue reading Calcutta is My Mother | A Documentary

The 70/30 Theory | Throwback Thursday

I have often teased Kevin that Rubina is 70% mine and 30% his. It's just a joke in our home but when she was first born I actually used to get mad when people would mention how much she looked like Kevin with no mention of me. I never expressed this outwardly, of course; it was simply an internal … Continue reading The 70/30 Theory | Throwback Thursday

The Genetic Gap.

These are my parents. I love them. Adore them. And what a family resemblance, right? I know I'm extremely fortunate to find deep family connections where there are no actual bloodlines. I've mentioned before that I've never felt any level of disconnect between my parents and I. There is, however, a genetic gap. A part … Continue reading The Genetic Gap.